Do you want to partner up with the worlds biggest yoga brand?

We have a distribution network that consist of about
38,000 retail doors
18,000 stores within stores
5,000 category management locations and e-commerce

Your best supplier
Our main objectives is to become and remain your best supplier and partner in the long term. At Gaiam Europe we always deliver full order, accurate and on time, 365 days per year to our customers all over Europe.
We can also support your concept by producing products with your logo/color in our B2B program. Contact us for more information. Your potential is huge with us.
With a present, supportive and easy to reach customer service, we look after you. Let us support you in your success and be your best partner in your business.

Great opportunity with low risk
We can offer an bestselling assortment of more than 600 products, covering all yoga accessesories and tools, restorative products, active sitting and fitness home training. In addition since we want to stay on top, we introduce app. 10 new unique products every month.
Our mission is long term, and so are our products. Designed and produced to be a bestselling item for many years. To state an example, our Marrakesh 5mm yoga mat has been selling out worldwide over and over for more than 10 years. Our products does not run out of season nor time. Providing you a great opportunity with low risk.

Enquiry form

We have distributors and sellers across Europe. Contact us for more information by filling in the enquiry form below.

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